about us

Welcome to Kinder Garments!

Based in Southern California, mother and daughter duo Jessica Velasquez and Alexis Schanzlin created Kinder Garments — an eco-friendly clothing line for littles raging from 0 - 5 years. With a love for all things classic and an appreciation for the beauty and longevity of natural fibers, such as linen and cotton, they created this collection of classic and simple, but not ordinary clothing for your littles. 

Their garments are hand-made to last, always utilizing eco-friendly fabrics, timeless designs and technical craft-work. Each piece is unique, individual and custom. They strongly believe in creating well-made clothes to with-stand the test of time and wear. The silhouettes are mostly gender neutral, the fabrics are functional, natural and durable.  They make clothes that we hope you will cherish and pass down fro generation to come. Thank you for looking and join us in our efforts.